Our Story

All Talent is a global digital talent agency with headquarters in India and the USA. Our founding team is led by industry experts who have been in the field for over three decades. We started All Talent in 2012 because we noticed a few rampant practices in the industry that we wanted to revolutionize. The principal reason for the founding of All Talent was the alarming practice of overlooking new talent while casting for big roles in film and entertainment. Only those talent with the “right connections” were able to book roles. Owing to this, many talent with unique potential were being left out of great productions. We found this unfair to an average person with dreams of making it big in the industry.

The entertainment industry is responsible for turning many ordinary lives into extraordinary ones. We felt that this only held true for people who went out of their way to perform favours for industry leaders to land gigs. To eliminate this and make the industry more accessible to the common people, we put our heads together to create a unique solution.

We built All Talent as a web portal that allows talent of all kinds to find high-quality jobs in the entertainment industry. Talent can find jobs with production houses, directors and brands across the world. The work they get is purely based on previous projects and ratings. Similarly, production houses and casting agents can find good talent with no hidden costs on our portal.


Our Ethos      

  • -We do not take part in nepotism of any kind.
  • -We believe that anybody with talent must be given the space to showcase it.
  • -Every talent, irrespective of their background and resources, gets a chance with us.
  • -Our system works to eliminate unethical business practices that are rampant in the industry.
  • -We refuse to work with talent and production houses who request compromises and favours of any kind to land a booking.

What makes us unique?

  • We help talent with no prior experience to build a portfolio from scratch. For example, a model can collaborate with a photographer and vice versa. They can collaborate until they have enough jobs to use in their portfolios. They’ll then get rated and have access to the same opportunities as everyone else.
  • We don’t only go after existing jobs. Instead, we create new ones by tying up with various industries.
  • One of our main goals is to use our technology to connect millions of talent from around the world with limitless opportunities in the entertainment industry. For instance, you can audition from the comfort of your living room in India or even just your smartphone for a major Hollywood movie. Opportunities like these did not exist before All Talent.
  • We give performers (singers, dancers, bands and stand-up comics) access to jobs in their area of expertise.
  • We ensure that talent get paid on time as opposed to the industry practice of delaying payments by 6 months to 1 year.

Our Achievements

Companies that go against the grain experience roadblocks while starting out. All Talent’s journey was no different. At first, we found it difficult to get people on board. This is because there is a fixed model that the industry follows to hire talent. Therefore, people are skeptical to try out new hiring models. Especially if the new hiring models are a complete contrast to industry practices.

Against all odds, we managed to register a few hundred talent in the first year. The next year, a thousand more joined our ranks. In the third year, about 100,000 talent registered with us. We have also successfully placed more than 5,000 talent in various jobs around the world. This year, we aim to register more than 1 million talent.