• Posted on 6th July, 2022
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One question we get asked all the time is this: “I applied for an X job on the portal but didn’t get selected. Why?” 

Well, you have to understand that it is not that simple. Applying for a job alone is not going to cut it. The competition in this industry is massive. It is always advisable to stay one step ahead of the competition. You need to be out there to be noticed. And one of the best ways you can do this is through self-promotion.  If you’re feeling lost about this entire process, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a few steps that you can use to boost your profile’s chances of being discovered. 


1.Complete Your Profile

The closer your profile completion is to 100%, the better the client can decide if you are fit for their job. Entering your details once is not enough. You have to update your work experience section and your physical attributes (applicable only to models and actors) regularly. Your previous clients will get a message asking to confirm if they did a project with you. On confirmation, they will be asked to rate you for that project. All Talent will then verify these details and update them to your profile.  


2. Ensure Previous Work is Rated

Ratings are crucial in this industry. Even if you join the portal today, you can upload your previous work and ratings. Clients can best determine if you have the necessary experience based on the number of projects you’ve taken part in or your high ratings.


3.Customising Your URL 

When you register on the All Talent portal, your profile is given a URL. You can customise it for easy accessibility. All you have to do is: Go to Settings>>My Profile>>Update URL. Once changed, it should be updated on all your social media accounts and added to your Instagram bio. Say, for example, if the client types your customised URL (alltalent.com/your-name), they’ll directly be taken to your profile. 


4.QR Code + Share Button

Your profile will also be available as a QR code. Clients can scan it from our app. The QR code will take them to your profile. 

Another way you can share your profile is to use the “Share” button on your profile on the website and app. Share it with your friends, family and acquaintances. There’s always somebody on the lookout for talent, so never hesitate to engage in some harmless self-promotion.


5.Upgrading Your Membership 

Upgraded memberships help you discover more (and better) job opportunities. We offer three packages for users: basic (which is free + you can apply for 5 jobs per month), standard (you can apply only for 15 jobs per month) and premium (you can apply for unlimited jobs per month). 


6. Updating Your Portfolios 

Your portfolio is like your resume. It should help you stand out. Remember that you are going up against people who have their portfolios made professionally. Clients are more likely to go through updated portfolios than outdated ones as it gives them a clear picture of where you’re currently at professionally. If you're a model, add not only your latest but also your best photos.  If you’re an actor, upload your latest photos and videos. If you don’t have videos, you can upload pictures of yourself acting out different facial expressions. If you’re a singer, dancer or comedian, add videos of your best performances. 


7.Find Support in Our Services Section

This All Talent feature helps you get your pictures or videos made for your profile/portfolios. You can connect with our photographers or videographers and get the job done. If you can’t find them on our services page, you can post a job in the jobs section and name your budget. Interested talent will get in touch with you and you can hire them. Don’t forget to update the completed project on your profile. 



All Talent has an exclusive feature called “Collaborations”. Here, we help fresh talent with no work experience connect with experienced or new talent. This is one way the two parties can fill up their portfolios. Collaborations are unpaid, however, they come with added benefits. This means that the final product, say a video of a band performing their song, can be used in the portfolios of the band, videographer and photographer for free. Collaborations can include small roles in any relevant project too. 

The higher your membership plan, the more collaborations you can take part in. It is a great way to build your work experience. The person who has posted the collaboration request can allow the other collaborating talent to use the finished product for their portfolios too. The person who posted the collaboration request can rate the collaborating talent for that particular collaboration. 


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