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Hollywood Shakeup: New AI Streaming Service Lets Viewers Craft Shows

  • Posted on 3rd June, 2024
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Fable Studio, known for its AI-generated 'South Park' clips, has launched Showrunner, a groundbreaking streaming platform that enables users to create their own AI-generated shows. This Emmy-winning startup from San Francisco is pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment by allowing users to dictate episodes through simple prompts, controlling everything from dialogue to shot selection.

Showrunner represents a significant step in blending AI with traditional content creation, offering viewers the unique opportunity to engage directly with the content they enjoy. At launch, users can experiment with creating episodes for a variety of AI-generated animated series, each showcasing different genres and styles. Notable among these are Exit Valley, a satire of Silicon Valley; Ikiru Shinu, a dark horror anime; and Sim Francisco, an anthology series set in a shared universe.

This innovative platform not only allows for deep customization of existing shows but also encourages users to contribute their own episodes, which could be integrated into the official series catalog. Contributors whose episodes make it to the series will receive a lump-sum payment and potential revenue sharing if the content secures streaming distribution.

However, Showrunner's introduction also raises questions about the future of content creation. The use of AI could potentially streamline production but also poses ethical and employment challenges in an industry already grappling with the implications of technology on traditional roles. Fable’s approach to AI in entertainment, focusing solely on animation, sidesteps some issues but still highlights the delicate balance between innovation and the preservation of creative jobs.

As Fable Studio continues to develop Showrunner, the platform will likely influence how stories are told and consumed in the digital age, making AI an integral part of the creative process in the entertainment industry.


Fable Studio's Showrunner platform is revolutionizing the entertainment industry by integrating artificial intelligence with creative content production. This innovative approach not only democratizes content creation, allowing users to customize and produce their own episodes, but also challenges traditional production roles, raising important discussions about the future of creative jobs in the era of AI. As the platform evolves, it could potentially set new standards for interactive media and viewer engagement, reshaping how stories are crafted and experienced.Are you inspired by the possibilities of AI in entertainment? Connect with All Talent Agency to explore how cutting-edge technology can enhance your creative projects. Join us in shaping the future of entertainment with AI innovations. Visit us at All Talent Agency to learn more and start your journey today!


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