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  • Posted on 18th July, 2022
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If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably decided to dip your toes into the entertainment industry and want to do something to get yourself noticed. You started browsing the world wide web for talent agencies and landed here. 

In this blog, we’re going to take you through the payment process that production houses/talent agencies follow and how ours is a little different. It’s quite simple: we realise you want to turn your passion into a lucrative career. And getting paid after your project is live (in some cases it takes six months to a year) doesn’t sound like you’re living the dream or paying your bills. That’s why we’re telling you straight off the bat that you will be paid 100% every time you land a gig through our website. You’ve worked hard and you’ve earned it. Literally.  

Okay, now that we’ve stated our main aim, let’s walk you through the possible scenarios you’d experience with traditional production houses and what we offer instead. 

You’re a beginner/junior actor, model, singer, dancer, band, writer, filmmaker, voice artist, stand-up comedian or influencer who is considering taking the Big Leap. You want to take your passion seriously and make a decent living out of it. You may even have a few well-received projects under your belt. You research the what, how and when of turning your art into a full-time career and be successful at it. You register on different websites, get an agent, respond to casting/event calls: the whole shebang. You’ve successfully finished the first part of your journey. 

Your hard-earned money reaches you on time with All Talent. 

  1. Finally, you (actor) get called for casting (hurray!) and are asked to appear for an audition. You wow the producers with your skill, get selected and are promptly called for a week of shooting the film, show or commercial of your dreams. You’re feeling on top of the world.  At the end of the shoot, after you’ve put in the required effort (and more) you are told to wait for 10 business days for your earnings to be credited.
  2. You’re a model who just landed a booking for a photoshoot, magazine cover or modelling campaign. You show up on the assigned days, complete your tasks and stun the people you’re working with through your professionalism. You’ve been asked to wait for 30-90 days for the payment to come through.
  3. You’re a singer, dancer, band, writer, filmmaker, voice artist, stand-up comedian or an influencer who’s been hired for an event or a project in the entertainment industry. You finish your booked gig and are expecting your payment from your clients. 

                         Payments are 100% guaranteed with All Talent. 

While you patiently wait for your phone to chime that sweet sweet notification, the allotted days have passed and there’s still no sign of the cash in your account. Disappointed, you call the production house/client and let them know. They tell you that you’ll have to wait until your project releases. This process lasts anywhere between 1 month to 1 year which if we’re being brutally honest sometimes translates to never. 

Here’s what we do 

       You don’t have to wait till your project is live to receive payments. 

Now, here’s how All Talent does not keep you waiting that long. Once our clients book you through the website, they are required by our company to pay in advance what they’ve promised the talent (you). This will reflect in your wallet on the website. Once the client labels your job as ‘completed’, the amount is credited either to your TalentCash. From here, it can be transferred to your bank account. This is our policy of making sure that you’re paid after your work every single time, without delay.  

So what are waiting for? Go sign up on our portal right now and stand a good chance to appear in the acting job of your dreams!  



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