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Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in the Entertainment Industry

  • Posted on 18th July, 2022
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As of 2021, the global entertainment industry was valued at US $2.34 trillion! This figure is bound to double or even triple in the coming years. The entertainment industry has many high-paying jobs. We have the usual contenders like actors and directors pocketing a huge chunk of this money. But there are other expensive jobs in the entertainment industry too. There are creative as well as technical jobs available in the industry. Keep reading to find out what these jobs are. 

1. Actors 

Taking the number one spot and the lion’s share of the earnings in the industry, we have actors. Actors need no introduction. They are a ubiquitous presence in our lives and live the life that many can only dream of. An actor translates the director’s vision and the script into a performance. A good actor takes this one step further. They can transcend language barriers and connect with billions of people worldwide. 

If you are somebody who can express emotions at a moment's notice (among other things), then finding a career in acting is best for you. No doubt, this is one of the highest-paying careers in the industry

Actors are required for film, TV shows, commercials, print shoots and brand endorsements. Even in acting, there are many categories. You have the lead role, supporting role and background acting. Most actors start by taking small roles in movies or TV shows before making it big. 

2. Production Crew

For any venture to be a success in the entertainment industry, there are two components. One is the raw footage of the entire cast's performance. The second is the result we see on screen. This end result is a culmination of the efforts of the production crew. They take the raw footage and convert it into a masterpiece. 

The production crew is literally behind the scenes of projects in the entertainment industry. They execute and maintain the idea, vision and goals of a particular project. The production crew is also split into two parts. One is the creative part which involves producers, writers, directors and showrunners. The second is the technical aspects that keep the project up and running. 

This includes photography, video editing, cinematography, lighting and sound management. Careers and jobs in this category are pretty lucrative and engaging. The production crew keeps the wheels of the project turning. A few examples of production crew jobs are: 

(i) Cinematographers 

(ii) Sound Technicians

(iii) Photographers

(iv) Video Editors

(v) Producers 

(vi) Showrunners 

3. Entertainment Marketer 

It is commonly known that the marketing industry offers high-paying jobs. Add the entertainment industry to the mix and there are a multitude of lucrative jobs in the industry. The job of entertainment marketers is not very different from a brand marketer. The goal is to find the target audience and oversee the production and launch of targeted marketing campaigns. 

Entertainment marketers develop marketing strategies and campaigns. These campaigns are designed to create awareness of a movie or TV show. They will have their talent appear in ad campaigns that are meant to promote the project. These jobs are creative and involve a lot of planning, execution and coordination. So, if jobs like entertainment marketing are what you are looking for, then go for it. 

4. Animators 

If you are an ace animator looking for the highest paying jobs, then an animator for a film or TV show is for you. Animators are responsible for creating images and videos that are part of a movie or TV show. They work with high-spec computer software. Animators are responsible for deciding the style or tone of certain projects too. They also work under a lead animator to execute the ideas and vision of the entire project. Animators are in high demand currently. They have a lucrative salary in the entertainment industry

5. Animal Trainer 

This is another high-paying job in the entertainment industry. An animal trainer or an animal wrangler trains animals to appear in productions. They have to teach the animals tricks if their role requires it. Animal wranglers also have to ensure that the working conditions are safe for the animal. They have to provide safe interactions between the animal and the talent. An animal wrangler also has to care for the animal while on set, ensuring that the needs of the animal are taken care of. This career happens to have good salary benefits and industry exposure. If you enjoy working with and training animals, then this might be the job for you! 

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